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With our tap-to-pay feature powered by Stripe you'll provide a seamless, swift, and secure payment experience to your customers, leading to higher sales volumes.

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Seamlessly engage customers, foster loyalty, and attract new clientele with a custom-branded loyalty app by Zeal. Elevate your business by retaining existing customers and enticing fresh ones.


Dive into a world of offers, engaging stories, and timely push notifications. Our loyalty app goes beyond appointments, offering a tapestry of personalized offers, captivating narratives, and timely reminders that keep customers returning, craving more.


Optimize your schedule and minimize no-shows. Zeal's loyalty app streamlines appointment bookings, making it easier for customers to commit and ensuring your slots are filled with loyal clients.


Tailor your rewards! The Zeal-powered app lets you craft personalized offers, ensuring each customer feels valued. Stand out in the crowd by delivering offers that speak to your clientele.


Unlock new revenue streams by engaging customers, driving sales through personalized rewards, and tapping into a world of potential. Let your brand thrive while effortlessly boosting your revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tap to Pay on iPhone secure?

Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the built-in features of iPhone to keep your business and your customer data private and secure. When a payment is processed, Apple does not store card numbers on the device or on Apple servers, so you can rest assured knowing your business stays yours.

How do I set up Tap to Pay on iPhone?

After you download the Zeal Team app, you’ll be prompted to enable your Tap to Pay on iPhone. Once that’s done, you’re ready to accept contactless payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone.

Which payment methods work with Tap to Pay on iPhone?

The technology works with contactless cards, Apple Pay and other digital wallets. To determine if a card can make contactless payments, look for the contactless symbol. If your customer doesn’t have a contactless payment method, you can also accept payments with manual card entry, a QR code or checkout link.

What iPhones are compatible with Tap to Pay on iPhone?

Available on iPhone XS or above running the latest version of iOS.

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